ESO Logs


With the release of Elsweyr, we're adding the capability for PC players to export group based encounter logs to a local file, located in the Logs folder within your Elder Scrolls Online document folder. These logs can then be uploaded to, a website created by one of our community members, Here you can do a deep dive into logged combat events within your group to see things like damage, healing, resource usage, and much more.

To start an encounter log, enter "/encounterlog" into chat (without the quotes). Once you're finished, you can type "/encounterlog" a second time to disable logging. You'll see a system message each time letting you know if you've started logging or stopped it. You will need an account on and the uploader available there to view your group's logs.

You may remember that years ago, our addon API unintentionally allowed the ability to show group combat data in real time. While we saw a merit in this as tool, we disabled that capability due to the potential for misuse with having this information readily accessible in the game and in real time. Encounter logging provides a deep look into the same data, but external to the game and not in true real time. We believe these distinctions will swing the balance back towards using a tool like this for constructive purposes rather than nefarious ones. Additionally, we have added a setting located in the Combat settings menu that hides your character name from encounter logs. This means any combat events that are logged while you are present will display anonymously.

Uploading your encounter logs privately will be available on PTS, so please feel free to generate and submit encounter logs for the new Sunspire Trial or any of the dungeons. We'll also be giving an overview of the tool tomorrow on ESO Live, so please post any questions you have that you'd like for us to answer.